Top 5 videos to watch this week

True Blue Retrospect


The B-sides to Dakota Servold’s ‘True Blue’ part for Dekline Footwear. Watch this guy slam hard and get up without crying. Reminiscent of Heath? Check the full video here if you have time:
Tru Blue full video

My War: Arto Saari


Arto has always hammered handrails, but this double kink back lip is is death defying. See Terry Kennedy’s angle on what happened on the day.

Brian Peacock Raw & Uncut - Something Sinister


This guy is so buttery, even the lines and hammers that didn’t make the final cut are worth watching. He makes slamming look like something we should all get involved in.

Kill Tapes: Jkwon Weekends


We all need a Baker & Deathwish hit at the weekend. Channel these guys to get the balls for the stuff you need to get filmed. Raw street!

Lakai: Fully Flared


This one’s for the young guns who haven’t ever seen it. One of the most beautifully crafted skate videos of all time, with an intro that set them apart from other brands as the masters of creativity and doing things different.

If you’ve not got time to watch it all – just watch the intro. Then Marc Johnson’s 3 song ender part. Legit at 8 years old.


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