Top 5 videos to watch this week: Shane O’Neil, Luan Oliveira, TJ Rogers + more!

Lee Yankou's Bath Salts Part

Why watch?

When you have this much pop you can attack spots many of us wouldn’t even notice. This is a rad part, and Lee has a style and approach all his own. Enjoy… Download the full Heroin video from iTunes now.

Luan Oliveira's Mic Check Part

Why watch?

Luan unleashes an unreal part filmed 100% in the streets of Brazil. This might just break the internet.

TJ Rogers' First Trip To Barcelona

Why watch?

For TJ Rogers, the road to success has not been an easy one. In his latest documentary ‘Smile’, released today on Red Bull TV (, TJ opens up about his personal life for the first time and the challenges he faced growing up; navigating a clean path through a turbulent upbringing in a home overshadowed by substance abuse and strained relationships.

Despite the odds, TJ’s positivity, passion for skateboarding and sheer determination elevated him above the negativity and into one of the most exciting up and coming street skaters around.

Directed by Alex Craig and filmed by Mike Aldape, the documentary culminates in TJ’s first ever shred trip to Barcelona, Spain. It was so damn good that we had to make a full skate edit for you…

1947 | Tommy Sandoval - Researched

Why watch?

Tommy Sandoval is a beast. His part in LRG’s 1947 is nonstop banger after banger. But don’t think he didn’t have to work for it. Tommy kicks off 1947: Researched, the first in a series of raw, uncut edits around the LRG video.

Download LRG’s 1947 from iTunes here –…

Subscribe to The Berrics –

Why watch?

He always brings the heat, so you know this is gonna be good. That said, some tricks in here just don’t even seem possible, including the footy of his latest cover shot. Enjoy…



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