Thrash Festé: Unseen event photos

It’s a while ago now, but photographer Leon Vann’s shots haven’t come to light until now – have a look. Check his blog here.


01The crew


02Smith grind with Bambi looking cool in the background


03BS nosegrind


04Matt Murney feebles


05Matt Vardy tailslide


06Nick Roberts nosegrinds in


07Tailslide the block




09Crooks on the flatbar


10Callum Wright crooks


11Tom Lawrenson pre injury


12Vardy Shralps


13Steezy back smith


14Kearney flip to board crunch


15Bambi back smith


16Tom Lawrenson post injury


17Kearney pop


18Ryan Kearney fs boardslide


19Get rad


20Shralp in the dark




22Daz and Bambi negotiate Tom Ball’s prize


23James Smith won stuff




What a great day – shame we were in India so couldn’t be there… Big thanks to QUAD, Rollersnakes and everyone who took part!

Massive thanks to Leon Vann for shooting pictures!

See you next year.


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