Thrash Festé: Event photos

Thrash Festé went down a storm this year. The contest results were:

17 and under competition

1. Lewis Mottishaw
2. James Smith
3. Callum Wright


18 and over competition

1. Adam Gaucher
2. Jacob Bettinson
3. Tom Ball


Have a look at the snaps here:

IMG_5515 Dave signing people up


IMG_5523 Jacob Bettinson nosegrind pop out


IMG_5525 Rashaad looks serious


IMG_5526 Josh Price… zoiks


IMG_5534 Action


IMG_5536 Daz being interviewed


IMG_5538 Some dudes


IMG_5540 Wildcat Brandon Morris


IMG_5554 Selfie


IMG_5567 Callum Wright crooks


IMG_5571 Rashaad Balfour fs shove


IMG_5585 Crowd


IMG_5588 MC


IMG_5594 No comply Tailslide


IMG_5603 Eyes


IMG_5645 Devan Crawford nosegrind


IMG_5648 Josh Price feeble


IMG_5651 Jacob Bettinson hardflip


IMG_5652 Josh Price fakie tre


IMG_5656 Jacob Bettinson with a flip fs board I wish was caught on camera


IMG_5657 Ryan Kearney fs 5-0


IMG_5658 Adam Gaucher killed it


IMG_5671 Tom Ball crook


IMG_5675 Adam Gaucher tailslide


IMG_5677 Adam Gaucher aired over the barrier


IMG_5687 And this


IMG_5688 Some prizes


IMG_5690 Callum getting 3rd place


IMG_5693 Winners


IMG_5697 Winners from both categories


IMG_5699 Oddballs


skate4 Shot by Phil Cross (follow on Instagram)


skate6 Shot by Phil Cross (follow on Instagram)


skate9 Shot by Phil Cross (follow on Instagram)


skate10 Shot by Phil Cross (follow on Instagram)


IMG_5513 The gang

photo 3Gaucher clearing the barrier from another angle

photo 1Lucio ollies out of the bank!


Thanks to everyone who came, DerbyFesté and Rollersnakes for all their work and sponsorship.

See you next year!


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