The right kind of chair

Baked / Roast stands for high quality, handmade skateboard furniture. Baked / Roast is an anagram for skateboard. They love combining subculture artifacts with generic objects to create unique products. They look at things differently. They see the way we see a city as an example. That said, they created Baked / Roast, starting with two products: The Steel One and The Wood One.

The-Steel-One-The-Wood-One-The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-1-02 The-Steel-One-The-Wood-One-The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-1-01 The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-10 The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-09 The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-07 The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-06 The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-05 The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-03 The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast-02 The-Signature-Series-by-Baked-Roast

Go visit the nice chaps at Baked / Roast!


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