Spot searching

We’ve been lurking around for new spots, as well as skating some parks we’d not had chance to skate images whilst filming for Concrete & Sky. Have a look.

IMG_1140 Josh fs smith at Chesterfield

IMG_1182 Funtime freddy

IMG_1236 Deck

IMG_1342 Josh Price crooks at Long Eaton

IMG_1548 We stumbled across this rail spot in Leicester

IMG_1549 Just the right size, run up is a bit iffy!

IMG_1551 Tanking it through Leicester

IMG_1553 Classic bench spot

IMG_1554 We had no wax, so a bar of soap from the shop sorted it

IMG_1558 Josh Price crooks

IMG_1559 Jacob Bettinson blunts

IMG_1563 This old lady was looking at the soap and didn’t know what the heck we were doing with it.

IMG_1565 Crook angle 2

IMG_1619 Rest

IMG_1620 Josh price front board the black bars

IMG_1692 This new spot at a school has arail

IMG_1693 Nice

IMG_1695 Conor Andrews boardslide

IMG_1716 Lurk

IMG_1731 We went to this little place with lots of tiny obstacles… so much fun

IMG_1732 Josh Price boardslides a tiny rail

IMG_1734 Jack Coyle crooked it whilst Jacob sat with a casual leg on the fence

IMG_1749Jack Coyle fs board the smallest of small ha

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