Rollersnakes – Snake & Destroy: Comp photos here!

The day went down with a bang, it was safe to say the best comp I’ve been to in a long time. The prizes were amazing (huge boxes of gear) and big cash prizes too for the sponsored comp. This meant that big bangers were always going to go down.

Have a look:

IMG_4324Tonnes of people turned out


IMG_4245Bambi and Daz MCing


IMG_4199 Lewis Mottishaw fs feeble


IMG_4214Good vibe


IMG_4201 Fraser was himself #LAD


IMG_4202 Craig Smedley, Toby Batchelor, Harry Raffle and Daz confer on scores


IMG_4207 Manchester repping!


IMG_4210 Vic Camilleri fs smith


IMG_4218 #Dude front lipping


IMG_4219 Josh Green fs smith


IMG_4220 Josh Green fs smith different terrain


IMG_4231Lewis Mottishaw fs lip


IMG_4189 Ripping


IMG_4197Team Handsome


IMG_4234 Dale Starkie flips out of blunts


IMG_4236 Luke Humphries fs lip


IMG_4240 George from, Black Sheep Manchester killed it


IMG_4241 George bs tail


IMG_4242 Lurkfest


IMG_4243 Will Golding, SaladIMG_4249 Matlok Bennet-Jones, bs lip


IMG_4250 Lewis Mottishaw fs feeble 180


IMG_4251 Dale Starkie, fs lip


IMG_4252 George, bs smith


IMG_4253 Matlok Bennet-Jones, fs hurricane


IMG_4256 Will Golding, fs crooks


IMG_4261 Lewis Mottishaw, bs blunt


IMG_4264 Lewis Mottishaw, bs smith


IMG_4265 Luke Humphries, fs blunt


IMG_4266 Will Golding, nollie noseslide bigspin


IMG_4295 George, bs lip


IMG_4187This dude killed the rail


IMG_4206James Smith won the under 16s…. Thug of lyfe

Cheers to Rollersnakes for organising it, and everyone who came down to smash Derby park – strong work.
Can’t wait until next year!


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