Milton Keynes + elsewhere

We had some stuff to finish in MK so we hit it 2 days in a row, with a different crew of lurkers. Have a look.


IMG_3239Jacob ledge dance


IMG_3606Josh Price table dance


IMG_3677Blood, sweat & fanta


IMG_3741The never ending boardslide with Josh Price


IMG_3816This strange lurker has an odd way to chill


IMG_3854Gap contemplation


IMG_3933Cat-lum Moore always lands on his feet.. Poly banks


IMG_3937Spectator Jacob Bettinson


IMG_4232MK corridor Callum


IMG_4250DF lube the block


IMG_4269We visited this


IMG_43776 inch Sub


IMG_4380Stairway to heaven




IMG_4405Lurk mode


IMG_4448Classic spot


David ford 5-0 - B&W - MK LedgeChevy shot some great pictures  – DF 5-0 shove


_MG_9099Callum Moore pickpocket


_MG_9088Callum Moore willy


_MG_9083The old woman’s face is a picture


_MG_9062Callum – fs noseslide





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