Malaga trip: Phone cam

We just got back from Malaga on a filming trip, catching some real sun to get us hyped for Spring. The spots are great – full shots and spot guide coming soon, but in the mean time, check out a few of the phone cam snaps that we’ve been uploading to Facebook while we were away.

IMG_2856We saw this van right away with a massive Spitfire sticker… where’s the team haha


IMG_2857Group shot in the restaurant to send home to the missing members of the squad


IMG_2859We skated the Malaga DIY spot which is in a river dried river bed. It’s amazing. Here’s the spot on a map.


IMG_2871This curved block has had a lot of hammers on it over the years, but it’s harder to skate than it looks. Here’s the spot on a map.


IMG_2872Nice to see a bit of sunshine and get our pale English bodies tanned.


IMG_2873This stair spot was great, warm up sets to mega hammers. Go as big or as small as… actually, just go big. Here’s the spot on the map (ignore that the old map shows it as a building site)


IMG_2858_v2Jacob was obsessed by fingering the noses of statues


IMG_2861_v2Dave films Joshes line. You can see how hot it was, but the blocks at this DIY spot are the best we’ve ever seen. Here’s the spot on a map.


IMG_2866_v2I love Lakai shoes. I’d been wearing them just for chills for 9 months, and then decided to skate them on this trip. They literally went through in half a day. Still love them though… went to the local skate shop and bought some more… suede though!


IMG_2869_v2There are some awesome sights in Malaga…


Stay tuned for the real shots and a full write up, but check out the spots on the Google map links above. More to come!



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