Lurkfest to Land’s End: Hooked trip shots (part 1)

We wanted to do a road trip forever. Everyone in a van. Lots of spots. Challenges. Fires. At the end of each day pitching a tent and lurking where we landed. Have a look, keep your eyes peeled for the edit dropping soon.


Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.27.30The road trip looked something like this. 6 people in a van and a tonne of skateboards.
IMG_4328 Our filmed Chevy was set up to capture everything


IMG_4329 Callum played it cool



IMG_4330 We packed the megaphone and soon realised it was a mistake. Pedestrians and motorists took hots from drive by abuser all the time


IMG_4334 Falling asleep is never a good idea


IMG_4340 Bromance tent


IMG_4341 Player tent (room for his gameboy)


IMG_4342 The first campsite was chilled


IMG_4351 Got some fire raging


IMG_4352 Becca in the background preparing the bbq meal


IMG_4442 The new Penzance skatepark is amazing


IMG_4448 The challenge book was out straight away


IMG_4543 These locals wanted a game of skate… after all we were on their turf


IMG_4551 We made a little excursion to Land’s End


IMG_4557 Here’s the sign


IMG_4561 It was hot and Jimmy needed some refreshment


IMG_4326 Megaphone MC Bettinson


IMG_4592 Truro was mega hot, but a few blindfolded tricks happened for the challenge book


IMG_4604Chilling and camping after the first full day skating. Becca looked after everyone, as well as skating the new terrain everyday.

Day 2 coming soon.


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