Latest lurking + filming: Coventry, Leicester & Milton Keynes

Here’s what we’ve been up to… from climbing fences to running away from security.


IMG_8766Jacob Bettinson fs tailslide in cold MK


IMG_8852New sticker


IMG_8859New toy


IMG_8921Sunny Coventry


IMG_8961Total bust, in and out. Got what we needed for the video though.


IMG_8983Another legendary bank spot in Cov.


IMG_9099The BANK.


IMG_9100Boyband hair


IMG_9126The wait.


IMG_9195Scaled this horrid fence to skate this bank in Leicester


IMG_9196Josh Price had his big moment… Callum had a hangover.


IMG_9210Callum Moore – skip sleep.


IMG_9231Alternative angle from Joe.


IMG_9266Miss you too.


IMG_9267We skated this OG Leicester spot… only to find out it was a bust a bit later.


IMG_9268Needs wood and wax if you go there.


IMG_9299Callum’s favourite things.


IMG_9303Manual to bank.


IMG_9304Rock n Roll IMG_9307Players


LWV_4538Coventry switch bs heel by Jacob, shot by Leon Vann.


LWV_4607Lurkers, shot by Leon Vann.


LWV_4696David Ford, Halfcab heel, shot by Leon Vann.


LWV_4709Callum Moore, fake big flip into bak, shot by Leon Vann.


IMG_8737Sunset. From the editing studio… where we’re spending a lot of time editing Concrete & Sky.



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