Interview: Baghead banter with Forde Brookfield

With Baghead Kills 2 on the brink of release, we caught up with Forde Brookfield to hear about what’s been happening and why it will be an amazing UK video. Hopefully you’ve watched the trailer here.

So you’re putting out a new video in Feb… what’s new, what’s different and how have you stepped it up from Baghead Kills?

Well, the main thing thats new in this second video is the roster of people involved. We’ve got an amazing mix of some of the dudes in the last video mixed with a few new lads that I met whilst filming for BAGHEAD KIILLS II. This video features parts from Cameron Linford, Dominic Dulin, George Nokes-Chapple, Jim Spencer, Jazz Wade, Ryan Wright, Jozef Szklaruk, Jasper Clough, Will Odiete with some split parts from Dominic Padgett & Jed Taylor and Tim Hines & Sam Keizer. It also has a few interludes to separate parts.

The video features so many people from different parts of the UK and further, like Dominic Dulin for example, he’s from America and was here for just short of six months, so it’s fair to say I kept pressuring him whilst filming as he had a quarter of the time most had. We’re both really happy with how his part turned out and I’m so stoked he’s a part of it.

There’s a lot more foreign footage in this video and generally more spots around the UK, which is always good. During this video, we’ve been to Spain and Paris and collected some really good footage!




So Who’s footage are people most looking forward to seeing?

That’s a hard one because everyone has given me a mixed response.
People closer to home are more excited to see the footage of people they know personally and that’s pretty fair. It’s always a daring move to involve people from different locations that aren’t exactly known by all the locals, but having change is never a bad thing – everyone can through with good footage and I’m really excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on.
Callun Loomes told me he’ll skip the parts of people he don’t know… thanks Cal, ahaha (to be fair I skip every part that isn’t Mike Simons).




What crazy stuff happened whilst filming – we often get beef from douche bags, homeless or mental people… any stories?

I’m pretty happy to say that filming this one has certainly been more tame. You’re always faced with drunks, homeless, random passers by and shit like that. I was filming at one spot and was stopped by a dude trying to sell me weed which is always funny. I had a brief talk with him and he left, then returned with a spliff and gave me it. He told me he was doing a “2 for 1″ that day, stoked. I must’ve collected around 5 new dealer numbers, haha!
We was skating in Coventry and Stan (Byrne) was trying to boardslide a ledge and a security guard stepped in his way and pushed him off and had a huge bitch fit about it. We left and got chased down by a shit ton of police who arrested Stan for assault. After he was arrested, we left and started to be followed by the police again who insisted in a “polite” way that I hand over the footage. When I asked if I had to, the officer replied “no” and as I walked off, he grabbed my arm and said “but I WOULD as it’ll help you out” in a really contradicting way. So I swapped the tape, gave him an old tape with no actual tape inside and walked off. Not all cops are bastards, but he was – still though, I didn’t shout ACAB ’cause that’s fucking lame, haha.
Luckily I’ve survived with one VX2100 through the filming of this video. I went through two VX’s and two MK2 lenses through BAGHEAD KILLS 1 which fucking sucked haha. This one I’ve been lucky enough to (at the start) use one scratched lens which I soon replaced with a new MK2 I managed to get for around £70 from some dudes sketchy second hand store online.






How about Baghead product… we saw a kid at a Skatepark wearing a hoodie the other day. What new stuff you got dropping?

Shit like that has stopped to be fair. Recently I’ve just been making a shit load of stickers that all say dumb shit on them because it’s just easier. I’m making a limited run of t-shirts for the premiere of BAGHEAD KIILLS II, but that really is limited to 20 – I usually do around 70-100 per run. I’ll be doing physical DVD’s of BAGHEAD KIILLS II as well as a future online DVD download.
Ryan Wright and I have been speaking of doing some new stuff in 2017.






With the recent closure of Ledge skateshop… what’s Leicester doing for it’s skate supplies?

There’s a new skate store opening up by the manager of Ledge – Paul Cartwright. From what I hear, it’s coming on nicely and he’s got some absolutely amazing brands lined up.
Everyone will go there for all their future skateboarding needs.




What’s your favorite skate video right now?

I can’t remember the last full length I watched to be honest. I watched some of Spirit Quest by Colin Read, that was outstanding, no one makes videos like that. Everything is online at the minute and I forget about it within 5 minutes of watching it.
Erick Winkowski. Any footage of him, that’s my all round favorite.




What’s your filming set up for Baghead crew filming?

Sony VX2100 with an Century Optics MK2 lens with 1 LED light and 1 Sony 50/100 light.




What can people do to get to the premier of Baghead Kills 2 and when’s it happening?

BAGHEAD KIILLS II Full video released on February 4th, 2017 at the @broomskatepark, Leicester.
Video will be playing at 8:30pm for FREE. It’s the first Saturday of February.
You can skate the park and get gnarly all day for £8 and zone out to the best damn video you’ll ever see.
…oh yeah, BAGHEAD KILLS 1 is available to watch on YouPorn. No Lie.

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