Interview: 12 questions with Becky Jaques



There are a number of people making skateboarding more interesting this year – one of which is Becky Jaques. We wanted to find out what pushed her to not fear slamming, continuously chase new spots and repping Rollersnakes.

How long have you been skating and how did you get into it?

Hey! I have been skating since I was 19 years old! I got into it because my younger brother Sam who kills it convinced me to try it out at one of his skateboarding birthday parties and I loved it! I went out and bought a skateboard that night from my local indoor park and I have skated ever since!


Where are you based and what’s the scene like?

I’m originally from Kent but I currently live somewhere in Nottingham! I moved here to study my Masters degree at Nottingham University, it’s really rad up here, Rollersnakes are just down the road in Derby and I know loads of skaters here already from skating and visiting last summer!


5-0 fakie MC
Fakie 5-0. Photo: Matt Clarke


Who are your favourite skaters and what do you love to watch in skateboarding? 

I always find this question so hard – I love watching Pro skaters like Grant Taylor, but my favourite skaters have to be the ones that I enjoy skating with the most! My best friends – (of which there are way too many to list – they know who they are!!) Felix Parker, Nick Roberts, Josh Green, they rip!


What’s your favourite trick and spot?

Favourite trick has to be frontside grinds, my favourite place to skate is my local outdoor park on the beach in Swalecliffe, Kent. Although lately I’ve really been enjoying sessions on Cropwell Bishop mini ramp in Nottingham.


Blunt pull in MCBlunt. Photo: Matt Clarke


What tricks are you learning at the moment?

Well I am actually having a ongoing battle with backside bigspins currently; I just can’t commit! ha. And often when I’m out skating someone will just say ‘trick of the day’ and we’ll all try get it down!


How was the Rollersnakes UK tour last year, and did anything crazy happen?  

As skaters we obviously seem to attract a lot of attention from the public! The Rollersnakes trip was sick, we skated a lot! A few demos, and lots of street! Hereford demo got pretty crazy with a best trick on the stairs going off thanks to morph, it was so good! It was a rad trip.


FS rock n roll SMFrontside rock. Photo: Sam Mlot


Tell us about the Rollersnakes team – who has the best and worst habits, and who inspires vs who takes the mickey the most?

They’re actually all pretty rad. and so so good at skateboarding.

Harry Lintell – Home boy from kent.

Nick Roberts – Ripper!

John Bell – Funniest guy – absolutely amazing.

Dylan Hughes – Welsh.

Kelley Dawson – Steeze.

Me – token Girl (joke)

Kris Vile – Well cheeky.


What’s your favourite skate video?

I don’t really have one I suppose – Im always too busy and skating to sit and watch one! My collection consists of a bunch of Death, Consolidated, Antihero and Thrasher vids!


SMPhoto: Sam Mlot


What do you do when your not skating?

University work! And loads of it! I spend as much time skating as possible though especially when the sun’s out! Or just chilling! I got a rad pink bike for Christmas and I’ve been doing my best to get out on that too.


Is there anyone you look up to in the skate industry?

Nic Powley, Marc Churchill, Nick Orechio. Best people.


Piv fakie matt ClarkePivot fakie. Photo: Matt Clarke


What are your next plans – any shoots / video parts / trips coming up?

Well I’ve had a pretty busy Winter! Now my uni year is coming to an end though, I have Summer to look forward to – I’m planning on going out to Ultrabowl in August – and heading down to Newquay for Boardmasters again – last year was so rad. And yeah I also have a little video section thats getting put together which I’m quite excited about!


Finally anyone you want to shout out to or thank?

Ooh, to everyone at Rollersnakes and the team! To Nick Roberts, Felix Parker, Josh Green and Ryan Kirk, Matt Clarke and Sam Mlot for your photo skills thanks boysss! And to everyone else who always makes the sessions rad!!!

10447170_10152859114524989_405642642_nBlunt fakie. Photo: Matt Clarke


Look out for Becky’s rad video part dropping soon… probably via Rollersnakes.
Read more about Becky on here Rollersnakes team page.


  1. andy June 14, 2014 Reply

    Looks rad. Be foot to footage

  2. Andy June 14, 2014 Reply

    * Be good to see footage

  3. Josh June 23, 2014 Reply

    Good shots Matt!

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