Hooked Majorca trip: Part three

The final post on our filming trip for the second Hooked video ‘Concrete & Sky‘. Have a look at what happened. The spots are ace and the weather is nice.

IMG_6826 This spot is amazing, right on the coast


IMG_6830 You’ll know it by the monument


IMG_6834 Lookin FLY


IMG_6836 This giant hubba has seen so much action… including Marc Johnson blunt slide – but done earlier by Majorca locals


IMG_6837 Josh Price – noseslide


IMG_6866 Tough guys


IMG_6889 The beast


IMG_6918 Worn out


IMG_6939 Hmmm


IMG_6940 Checking it out


IMG_6995 Goliath


IMG_7000 In the crack


IMG_7008 Hooked team assemble


IMG_7013 Becca on the rocks


IMG_7017 The view


IMG_7027 Magaluf spot… the gents were distracted by chicas


IMG_7069 Pure sun


IMG_7133 Yes


IMG_7136 Cray shizzle went down


IMG_7145 Back to the square, Jimmy test out the hubba


IMG_7149 Scared


IMG_7176 Negotiating deals


IMG_7179 Crisp bank, just a 99 mile walk away


IMG_7185 Ray Mears getting down with the shrubbery


IMG_7227 Next spot… crisp ledge that stinks of recycling


IMG_7264 Look at this badass treat


IMG_7282 Funny deck snap fail


IMG_7283 Back at HQ, photoshoot with Giselle


IMG_7286 Piff paff puff

And it’s over for another year. We’ll be scouring England for the rest of the good weather and spots to film for the video. If you missed the Majorca trip part 1 or part 2 check them out. And a few tricks feature in our April Monthly Edit.

Play safe lurkers.


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