Hammers with Joe Hinson

Joe Hinson got in touch for a tour around some Midlands spots he might like. He likes the hammers, so we lurked a some spots with some big stuff to do. Have a look…

This long rail spot is a blast…. Hinson feeble it no sweat (Shot by Tom Quigley of Varial Magazine)


This lad is buzzing (Shot by Tom Quigley of Varial Magazine)


Attempts at a fs overcrook on this were met with fierce slams… we had to leave this spot near Rollersnakes empty handed


The girls’ school rail was fun but to be honest it was a bit casual for this dude. You can see the look in his eye that he was to kill himself on spots. Front board here.


Crooks it super easy… location in the Spot Guide


This is the meaty stuff this lad’s after. Giving the Joseph Wright rail a lick of lube. Come and have a go at it.


We then zipped over to this East Midlands rail line wonderland. Location in the Spot Guide


Bricking it?


Crooks from the top angle


Crooks from the bottom angle… note – this crook was in a line with a hammer down the second rail too. Beastmode activated.


Dave films the line


This spot is harder than it looks… depends what you want on it – location in the Spot Guide


We went to the classic stores road ‘pink bank’ gap. Come and give it a go… location in the Spot Guide


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