Fresh Concrete: Long Eaton, Derbyshire

We checked out the newly built Long Eaton skatepark by Freestyle skateparks.

Lots of exciting stuff there, a lot of elements we know and love in similar sized parks, such as Hucknall, Mansfield and even some elements reminiscent of Chesterfield.
Have a look…
The left side has a long flatbar, some varied size blocks and small hubbas.


We pan around to the right to see a Pier 7 style manny pad, plus varied banks and blocks. On the far right theres a good size step up and big rail and hubba, very similar to Hucknall.
As you can see, a quarter to roll into all of this
The quarter is backed onto a mini ramp, with a spine that gets wider
The mini is nice, but the sun is in your eyes
Over the other side of the park (after you’ve rolled in past all of the blocks) we get taco, mellow bank and rail
The taco is fun, although a lot of people approach it from different angles which makes it a collision zone
Looking back the other way, the step up, big rail and hubba
A small two stair next to the Pier 7 style manny pad too
Go there, it’s definately worth checking out, it’s got quite a street feel to it if you like the sorts of obstacles above! We do!
Find it a West Park Leisure Centre:
West Park Leisure Centre
Wilsthorpe Road
Long Eaton
NG10 4AA
For satnav use postcode West Park Leisure Centre NG10 4AA
you can’t miss the leisure centre. The park is quite a walk from the carpark, just follow the path past the football fields and you see it on the left!


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