Fresh Concrete: Ashby de la Zouch

Brand new concrete at Ashby, built by Maverick. Have a look.

IMG_9951 The original plan. I think these should show the size of a human as they always make skateparks seem bigger than they are.


IMG_9952 The view from the small quarter


IMG_9953 Jump box and (afterthought) grindbox


IMG_9954 View from the bottom of the rail


IMG_9955 Overview


IMG_9956 Spine leading to the bowl


IMG_9957 BowlIMG_9958 It’s quite small so as soon as a few people are on it, it feels cramped


IMG_9959 These are ok, but there’s not much room before and after


IMG_9960 This is an en exciting wallride


IMG_9961 Ramp and roll


IMG_9962 Extension on the left is pretty much vert!


IMG_9963 Once the grass grows it will hopefully be less muddy


IMG_9965 Not much room for a session on this


IMG_9966 Local dude giving it some


IMG_9967 As there’s nowhere to sit, the kids put there stuff anywhere they can


IMG_9973 These hubbas are an ok size


If you’re in the neighbourhood, check it out. Go early, or late, when the scooters have gone.


Ashby de la Zouch skatepark postcode and address:

Hood Park Leisure Centre
North St
Leicestershire LE65 1HU



  1. Local Dude April 10, 2014 Reply

    The main thing that ruins this skatepark for me is the sheer number of ignorant kids on scooters that just stand in stupid places and have no concept of the idea of taking turns…

    and the mud is stupid.

    (Local dude in the photo!)

    • Author
      Hooked April 10, 2014 Reply

      The good news is the mud will turn to grass by next year. The bad news is the scooter kids will not learn until they get older, but they will have already formed the bad habits. Just tell them to move. And hope your skateboard doesn’t hit them if they don’t!

  2. dude November 17, 2014 Reply

    everyone agrees

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