Fraser Doughty’s Come down video

Fraser Doughty's come down

Acid Drop B-roll

B-roll footage from the best thing we’ve ever filmed – ‘Acid Drop’. Available on DVD or digital download from the shop.

Fraser’s B-roll section is full of slams, fails, alternative angles and hijinx. Filming was hard… and this shows it.

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  1. Houstan July 29, 2017 Reply

    Skateboarding is certainly a thing that assists you to have confidence in yourself. Absolutely no matter where you’re skateboarding, which kind of board, or skate style ? you will fall, get back together up, and learn from your mistakes if you’re likely to keep skateboarding. Well i cannot give a comment much because i am also a newbie skater, but certainly to watch the Fraser’s video make feel and say deep inside my heart “been there and done that”.

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