Forty Two Sunday Circuit: Long Eaton competition photos

This year Forty Two‘s Sunday Circuit at Long Eaton went down a storm. Craig Smedley, Will Golding, Luke Humphries, and tonnes of other dudes all smashed it. Have a look at the shots.

IMG_3910 Getting ready


IMG_3966 Derby’s James Smith looking like Max Branning


IMG_3967Much lols


IMG_3965 Crowd


IMG_3963 Josh Price front smith to pop


IMG_3961 Notts locals shralping it


IMG_3956 Conor Andrews 3 shoves the euro


IMG_3955 Ryan Leech boardslide


IMG_3953 Ryan Leech’s long legs help him

boost into the air like a gazelle

IMG_3951 Conor Andrews feeble 180


IMG_3950 Ryan Leech pops to 5050


IMG_3949 Leech flips the gap


IMG_3948 Matt Vardy nosegrab transfer


IMG_3947 Vardy front lip


IMG_3945 Jack Biggus, tailslide


IMG_3943 Vic Camilleri, 5050 body varial


IMG_3939 The many faces of Leech


IMG_3938IMG_3937IMG_3926 Crew deep


IMG_3925 BBQ was tasty


IMG_3924 Will Golding tre flip the euro


IMG_3923 Lewis Mottishaw blunt


IMG_3916 James Smith, feeble


IMG_3911Josh Price, bs tail


IMG_4007 Jacob Bettinson, broken goggles


IMG_4005 Luke Humphries, bs 360 kickflip


IMG_4002 Luke Humphries kills


IMG_4000 Dutty Price and Golding lurking


IMG_3999 Crowd


IMG_3996 Craig Smedley


IMG_3992 Luke Humphries, bs lip


IMG_3990 Luke front blunts


IMG_3989 Alex Hallford pivot fakie


IMG_3988 Luke Humphries, flip fs board


IMG_3987 Luke front lip


IMG_3982 Lewis Mottishaw fs flips the gap


IMG_3977 Jacob Bettinson, fs blunt the rail


IMG_3975 Lewis Mottishaw, feeble


IMG_3973 Lews bs lip


IMG_3972 Will Golding salads it


IMG_3970 Noseslide bigspin


IMG_3969Bs tail pop out


IMG_4064 Vic Camilleri won some prizes


IMG_4063 Alex Hallford won


IMG_4061 Luke Humphries got some swag


IMG_4060 Conor Andrews taking the prizes


IMG_4058 Leech swag


IMG_4055 Vardy gets goodies


IMG_4054James Smith came 3rd!


IMG_4067Then it went mental!

Thanks to Forty Two Nottingham for organising it, keep your eyes on their site to check the rest of the dates on the Sunday Circuit!

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  1. Owen August 2, 2014 Reply

    Great post, awesome day.

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