Black Book app… checking in with tonnes of spots

We blogged this cool app when it launched a couple of months ago on our old blog here – but now we’ve lived with it, build up a library of spots and been using it time and again to motivate the lurkers… here’s how it’s going.


Opening screen


You can either add a new spot or browse your library of spots


You can order them alphabetically…


Or by how close they are to you… very useful


Or even order them on a map, see how far you want to drive with a car full of lurkers!


Or by the look of the spot and the pictures you’ve taken


After using this app for a few months, it’s definitely worth it. You can litterally add a spot when you’re there and it will remember the location for you to come back to, and even tell you how to get there with your phone’s map technology.

Have a look at the website for the app here:



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  1. Mymood August 24, 2012 Reply

    Great Share!

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