Barcelona tripping: Spots mapped!

We zipped over to Barcelona to skate – even if it was cold… it wouldn’t be as cold or wet as England.
Have a look at what spots we hit.

We used the amazing Barcelona Street Spots map… but it’s a bit out of date now and some of the spots are gone. We’ll give you the updates on what we found.


We started at this spot with metal banks which is here. It’s not a bust at all and although it’s in a bit of a busy plaza, the only times it’s tricky to skate are when the school right next to it is starting or finishing. I.e. around 12:15pm and then 2:30pm – each session of people coming going lasts around 20 minutes.


Becca scoping it out


You have to thread the needle through a chair cap which is the most tricky part… the rest is awesome


David Ford chucks a casual heel flip over it


Chasing the green birds


This legendary spot – RIP bro. The Sant Marti handrail has been removed. This is still on the Barcelona street spot map but don’t go as there’s nothing to do. Just for reference, the spot is here.


We went to the legendary red banks where so many videos have been filmed. Find them here.




Steeper than it looks here… it’s sort of death defying to do tricks into when you’re at the top.


Other notes about this spot… it gets bigger so you can hop into a larger bank or smaller one. The steepness doesn’t really change. The tun up is super thin though so it’s tricky to get the angle for some tricks (i.e. nollie flip where you want to go more straight towards it)


We then checked out Molins de Rei – which is found here.


Notes for this spot as seen in this edit from Sean Malto for Nike (2:09) is that the blocks are big and worn. At first it looks like a dream but it takes a while to get into it.


But as you can see it’s a good chil spot that’s a little way out of Barca, with lots to do.


David Ford fakie varial heels into the bank


Negotiating deals


Tube station


People with coats


The art form


Park Guell is cool


Ancient relic


Thanks to the Barcelona spot guide for all the help!

For our other barcelona trips, click here as there’s more spot info!



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