Barcelona trip: Part 3

To continue from Barcelona trip part 1, and Barcelona trip part 2, have a look at these other spots we checked out. I’ll say this again – We used this awesome website to tell us all of the spots… but we urge you to pay attention to these posts as some of the spots are out of date on the websiteBest skate map ever though.


IMG_3791You might recognise Universitat… the crispest block spot you’ll see… ever


IMG_3783Becca clinging on


IMG_3775Beer Festival


IMG_3771Howl at the fox


IMG_3741Down by the beach, these waxed up blocks are everywhere


IMG_3736Even the bums sleep on the crisp blocks


IMG_3732We called into FTC Barcelona, as you can see fully in our earlier article


IMG_3721Born in SF, now Barca… as well as Tokyo, California


IMG_3598The legendary spot Fondo is now a skatepark. There’s a cool story of how the government were about to bulldoze the spot when it was getting rinsed a few years back. Some local skaters handcuffed themselves to it and petitioned for it not only to preserved but also to be able to skate it. Heart warming.


IMG_3596Skating it


IMG_3592So the banks have metal tops, some of the benches have metal edges and they’ve added some rails. Still cool.


The whole Hooked team are off to Mallorca soon to film for the second Hooked video… need some more sun after this. Keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Chris April 12, 2013 Reply

    fondo totally pointless now, hardly a street spot

    • Author
      Hooked April 13, 2013 Reply

      Still Good to skate dude!

  2. Frances June 4, 2013 Reply

    Did you have the chance to go skating in front of MACBA? It was this sort of mythic place where skaters from all over the world used to go. I’m not really sure it’s still allowed.

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