Barcelona trip: Part 2

To continue from Barcelona trip part 1, have a look at these other spots we checked out. I’ll say this again – We used this awesome website to tell us all of the spots… but we urge you to pay attention to these posts as some of the spots are out of date on the websiteBest skate map ever though.


IMG_3447Beerbanks. You can find it on the map, but they aren’t waxed, and there’s some construction work going on. Still fun though… use obstacles that are there for a limited time!




IMG_3474Barrier bails


IMG_3475MACBA… full of skaters as always…


IMG_3480The exhibition was good too


IMG_3485Giant concrete wall in there as part of an installation


IMG_3497This spot is amazing. It’s on the map. The thing they didn’t mention was – IT’S A BUST. If there are any days when it’s not a bust, it would be helpfut to have the info on there.


IMG_3499Reflection ollie… busted after 5 mins though


IMG_3504The crisp Sant Marti handrail, another great spot, but there’s a horrible bump just before you have to pop. Take some wood, and some tape!


IMG_3505Here’s more detail on the Sant Marti handrail, with the annoying bump in view. Looks small, but you feel every millimetre of it as you’ll jumping on a rail immediately after.


Don’t forget to use the spot map. Part  3 coming soon with more spots…


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