Barcelona trip: Part 1

We zipped over to Barcelona for a bit of sun and footage. Very good spots there, as you know. We used this awesome website to tell us all of the spots… but we urge you to pay attention to these posts as some of the spots are out of date on the website. Best skate map ever.

IMG_3187 copy IMG_3330Flatbars

IMG_3331Flatbar on the bank

IMG_3346Benches that are slick

IMG_3345Andrenalin alley

IMG_3357Becca tests the height

IMG_3317Giant red brick bank

IMG_3350Testing the wax

IMG_3347We were so hyped on this spot. It’s much less ridable than it makes out in the spot guide. The bottom block sticks out bast the rail quite a bit – and if you pop over that… you need to escape the ground height difference. There’s a slope just behind.

IMG_3318These crazy bumps are all around…


Check the spot map! Parts 2 and 3 coming soon with more spots…



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