Barcelona mission

Making the most of the last of the good weather, we zipped over to Barca for a shralp and maybe get some footage for a new thing. The weather was hot, the sweat was on and we discovered a few good new spots that we’d not skated before… using this hand skate spot guide – The Best Barcelona Spot Guide on the internet. Have a look at the lurkings!

IMG_5848Grip dat


IMG_5853Art at Macba


IMG_5856Becca and Callum


IMG_5864Rad as always


IMG_5866Alleyways and avenues




IMG_5881Chill sesh


IMG_5905Blue steel


IMG_5915FS nose


IMG_6020Nut came off, had to buy new trucks. Classic. Last time I choose Thunder lights.




IMG_6063Harder to skate than it looks with all these triangles everywhere


IMG_6090This spot was amazing


IMG_6091Callum tre flips the hip




IMG_6215Fondo rail is gone






IMG_6348Forum: lots to do, but ledges are a bit rounded


IMG_6349Lots of them though


IMG_6377The wave




IMG_6452This. was. ace.


IMG_6499Checking out this bank


IMG_6500We had a few tricks for this after an hour of fear




IMG_6779Dat cheese


IMG_6783Sants. The locals have built some new ledges.


IMG_6822Social media honey


IMG_6823Dry them eyes, trip is over.



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