Top 5 videos to watch this week

Elijah Berle RAW files

Why watch?

This guy is a raw powerhouse as we fist saw on Pretty Sweet. Worth watching what goes into this hammers.

Handrail malfunction

Why watch?

This is a horrible slam anyway… but the handrail giving way could have left him impaled… ouch.

Epicly Later'd: Chocolate

Why watch?

One of the coolest and consistent brands in skateboarding. Watch and learn… in four parts.

Paul Rodriguez Vs Sewa Kroetkov

Why watch?

Battle at the Berries 8 is on. If you’re not in it, no problem… but the future of skateboarding is visible in this game.

BFFS: Lyon

Why watch?

Skate history with the big players. See how it was then, compared with now. Cliché and Flip hammers.


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